This Links page offers suggested websites of various other clubs and organisations.  Although offering these links, please note we as a club cannot endorse, personally recommend or take responsibility for the content or services any of these websites offers.  Before we accept inclusion of any of these links, they are fully vetted and scrutinised by our joint webmasters before they are included on the website.  However we strongly recommend that you check out these products and services for yourselves to ensure that you are happy before you enter into any contract or agreement with the owner/s of the sites.

Cat Shows

The GCCF website provides a comprehensive list of cat shows and events.


Cat Organisations


International Cat Care (Formerly Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)): offers invaluable up to date research information in to cat diseases, toxins, plants, healthcare etc...  Also offers a list of Reputable vetted Catteries in the UK.  It also now offers professional qualifications in Feline Care and offers Level 1 and Level 2

Governing Council for the Cat Fancy (GCCF): is the main governing body in the UK for pedigree cats and shows.  Has numerous links to other info for breeders, show people, pet owners etc...and also allows you to study and qualify as both a GCCF Steward and a GCCF Judge.

Supreme Cat Show: has all the info required to enter the largest annual cat show in the uk.  You can become a Supreme Grand Champion and hold one of the highest titles available to cats in the UK.


Cat Charities and Welfare Organisations

Cats Protection: is a valuable organisation dedicated to the rescue, welfare and re-homing of all types of cat.

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA): is a worthwhile organization dedicated to the safe rescue and welfare of most animals/birds.  They sometimes have cats and kittens available for adoption to vetted families.


Independent Cat Websites

Pawpeds: is a European/worldwide pedigree database for most breeds of pedigree cats.  It holds 10's of thousands of pedigrees online and vital research into cat breeds and feline conditions.  It also offers the opportunity to study courses in Feline Behaviour, Breeding, Genetics, Colour Genetics etc at levels 1, 2 and 3 which are valuable to breeders, show owners and pet owners in general.

Scottish Wildcats: a vital project aimed at restoring and ensuring the survival of our native Scottish Wildcat.  Membership is greatly received and helps to ensure the breeding programmes are successful.

Cairngorms Wildcat Project is another vital project which aims to help restore the population of Wildcats in to the Cairngorns National Park.

Langfords Diagnostics: a specialist diagnostic testing laboritory which is part of the Feline Studies Research Facility at the University of Bristol.  As club members you are entitled to a 20 % discount on all DNA tests submitted to Langfords.  Please use our contact form for full details of how to obtain this discount.


Cat Supplies

Zooplus Cat Supplies: is a useful website for obtaining cat food and equipment, often at discount prices.

The Nor'East Scotland Cat Club does not endorse or personally recommend any of the above websites.  These are some of the most popular websites available in the UK today and are used by a large number of genuine registered breeders of pedigree cats.  They cannot however replace breed clubs/associations and we advise you to contact the GCCF in the first instance.

Cat Magazines, Forums and Discussion Groups

This is just a small selection of reputable forums and discussion groups available to owners of any cat of any breed including the indomitable and loveable 'Moggie'.

Your Cat: is the online forum for cat owners hosted by Your Cat Magazine and offers up to date chat and articles about all breeds in general.

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